Act now to prevent The High Flyers balloon release 
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Balloon release

The planned The High Flyers balloon release

If the fundraising target of 1,000 is reached 500 balloons will be released from central London on Friday March 7th is. This, for a number of reasons, is a tradgedy for the environment and wildlife.

You are therefore urged to take action and make a direct appeal to the person behind this event to abandon this plan and think of an alternative to achieve the same ends.

So this page has been set up so that you can either e-mail them or use their online contact form (Twitter account not yet known/available). The choice is yours but please do something.

Send an E-mail

Clicking on the Send link will launch your e-mail client (Outlook or whatever) and populate it with the Subject and Message.

Subject Message E-mail it
Your planned balloon releaseDear Steve Goodyear, Please think of a less environmentally damaging way than a balloon release to launch your paradeSend
An alternative to a balloon releaseDear Steve Goodyear, A sponsored popathon would be much more environmentally friendly and exciting than a balloon releaseSend
Balloon releases make a messDear Steve Goodyear, Sending balloons to heaven makes a hell of a mess of earth - please don't do your balloon releaseSend
Please reconsiderDear Steve Goodyear, Raising money is commendable, a balloon release is not - please don't do itSend
Downsides of a balloon releaseDear Steve Goodyear, A balloon release is dangerous to animals and litters the environment - please don't do itSend
The legacy of a balloon releaseDear Steve Goodyear, The litter from a balloon release will be with your children and ours for years to come - pleaseSend
Balloons create litterDear Steve Goodyear, Whatever goes up, inevitably and eventually comes down as litter - please call time on your balloon releaseSend
Let's be responsibleDear Steve Goodyear, Now that we know how damaging balloon releases are to the environment we should act responsibly by abandoning themSend
Helium is scarceDear Steve Goodyear, Balloon releases use up limited and valuable supplies of helium that could be used in hospitals etc Please don't waste itSend

Send a tweet to them and your followers

Tweet message Tweet it
No twitter account available yet. If you discover it before we do, please let us know.

It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes and so please do it now, do it today, to make a difference.
And do let us know that you've sent a message by sending us an e-mail: