Why not donate? Any amount will make a difference.
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Every penny of whatever you give will go to supporting and promoting the network

And why should our network deserve your support? Because we are: and spend our time motivating individuals, promoting and providing solutions, cajoling Councils, pressurising Goverment and shaming producers into doing more to bring about the behaviour change that will see an end to our nation's dirty little habit.

So if you care enough about the blight that is litter please take this opportunity to make a financial contribution however small or substantial.

A pound would cover the cost of producing and sending a sticker or badge, 15 would make a litter-picker available to someone whom we might inspire to use one and 100 would cover the cost of one of our social media tools for a year. 5,000 would see us able to promote our prize-awarding and attitude-modifying online survey into every secondary school in the country.

So do something today that will put us on the path to a litter-free UK!

And should you wish to pay via direct bank transfer (and thus avoid our having to pay fees) you may by using sort code: 09-07-20 a/c 05716624

PS What does ZILCH stand for? Zero Instances of Litter Can Happen - our inspirational and aspirational message to all.