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Roadside litter

How lift-sharers can help by working with Zilch

As someone who travels the roads of the UK on a regular basis we're sure that you are well aware of the litter-strewn state of our hard-shoulders and verges. It may well annoy you that our roads should have been allowed to get into such a state or you may resent the amount that needs to be spent to clean up the mess.

Well, now you can do something about it. Zilch UK has been set up as a people-powered organisation that is working to eliminate littering and, to that end, it needs your help.

You'd appreciate that part of the work needed to eliminate any problem is to be aware of how bad it is in the first place and then to gauge any change or improvement over time as measures are introduced to solve it.

We're therefore looking for volunteers who'll undertake surveys of the extent of litter whilst travelling as passengers in shared car journeys. We'll be asking you to log:
Full training will be given and equipment provided.

So please, decide now to do something really valuable and socially beneficial with your liftshare journey-time and indicate your willingness to contribute to Zilch's work by either registering or by e-mailing us

Go here to find out more about Zilch UK and its objectives.