Thank you for ordering your anti-litter or dogfouling sign
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Do please allow up to 28 days for delivery and read on to see how you might help by making a financial contribution:

Just as a reminder, the purpose of the network is to:
  • involve people
  • share ideas
  • motivate each other
  • collectively campaign
  • coordinate national initiatives
  • generate mass buying power
  • plan and execute profile raising activities
  • work with existing organisations
  • take action
and whilst Zilch operates without the cost of offices or employees, it cannot maximise its effectiveness unless it has some money behind it.

So if you care enough about the blight that is litter please take this opportunity to make a small financial contribution. A pound would contriubute to the overhead of creating this web page, 15 would cover the cost of the litter-picker and 100 would meet the cost of one of our social media tools for a year.

So please donate today to make a difference.