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Roadside litter

The Bill
Aims to extend a power that is already available to councils in Greater London to councils in the rest of the UK.

That power allows councils to fine the owner of a vehicle for litter thrown from that vehicle. If the owner is not the person who threw the litter he or she can nominate the guilty individual to pay the fine.

The bill also would require local authorities to disclose how and with whom they spend our money on cleaning roads so that individuals can complain directly to them.

The situation
This Private Member's Bill was introduced in July 2012. For it to progress it must receive a second reading in the Lords but until recently this was a distant prospect. Now however, with Mr Clegg's bill for the Reform of the House of Lords (which was expected to have consumed many months of parliamentary time) rejected, there is a possibility that it could get back on to the timetable.

What needs to be done
The person who sets out The House of Lords timetable needs to be persuaded to put the second reading of this bill onto the agenda. That person is the Government Chief Whip in that chamber: The Rt. Hon. Baroness Anelay of St. Johns DBE.

How you can help make it happen
Send a letter saying as much and addressed to:

The Rt. Hon. Baroness Anelay of St. Johns DBE
Chief Whip,
House of Lords,

that will arrive before the 8th October 2012, when the Lords reassembles.

What you should do
Download, edit, print out and sign the letter (available in different formats and with selectable paragraphs) below and post it before the end of this month (Sep 2012).

MS Word Doc  RTF  Blank PDF  Plain Text

It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes and so please do it now, do it today, to make a difference.
And do let us know that you've sent a letter by sending us an e-mail:

Additional Information

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