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Zilch cup-tubes

In the grandstand, at the festival or under the marquee, Zilch cup tubes provide you with a cost-effective, compact and convenient way to collect the disposable cups from which your guests have been drinking.

Cup tubes are designed to be floor-standing but come fitted with a tapered plug which means they can be lifted and carried without their contents falling out.

Two releasable tie-wraps are provided with each tube so that it can be attached to a railing, post or bin and then easily released for collection and/or emptying.

  • Encourage your guests to be tidy during the event
  • Reduce the amount of rubbish bin capacity needed
  • Speed up the clean-up operation afterwards
  • Keep cups separate from other refuse and thus facilitate recycling

Optional extras

Wall mounting fixing kit
This comprises a pair of 30mm single-screw fixed toggles complete with screws and rawlplugs allowing the tubes to be attached to a wall or fence.

Mini side-bin for cup lids
If your cup usage includes cup lids, an adjacent mini-bin can be piggy-backed onto the cup tube to provide a receptacle for the lids.

Cup-tube on a grandstand
Cup-tube against a bin
  • 100mm internal diameter - big enough for even the largest beer cup
  • 120cm high - with a capacity for between 30 and 50 cups
  • UV stabilised polypropylene with 5 - 7 year lifespan
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
  • Each tube weighs less than 250g

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