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File20160512 - Key messages from Litter Forum Workshops v2 QBC.pdf2016-07-29 07:20 207k
FileBalloon biodegradeablility.pdf2018-02-03 21:00 1618k
FileClean for The Queen - 151215.pdf2016-01-15 21:32 801k
FileDefra Letter re registration numbers 20211001.pdf2021-10-08 09:19 447k
FileDon't be Shy Apply to the Kazzie Award Inc.pdf2017-07-13 20:51 116k
FileEunomia A-Clean-Sweep.pdf2016-06-18 18:02 2039k
FileGeorge Niblock for Zilch UK.pdf2012-12-26 09:15 630k
[IMG]Letter from PCC to Gove 20140612.png2014-09-27 17:28 176k
FileLFB Balloon Release.doc2012-10-05 21:19 31k
FileLFB Balloon Release.pdf2012-10-05 21:19 4k
FileLFB Balloon Release.rtf2012-10-05 20:48 16k
[TXT]LFB Balloon Release.txt2012-10-05 20:48 2k
FileLitter Prevention Program webinar for Zilch 20130220.pdf2013-02-24 14:29 12066k
FileLitter-picking risks.pdf2014-02-03 20:51 165k
FileMBInstructions.pdf2020-01-19 16:13 154k
FileMini + micro-bins and cup-tubes.pdf2012-10-20 19:31 772k
FilePPX Litter + Flytipping Symposium Slides.pdf2017-11-29 19:23 11839k
FileSchools anti-litter package outline.pdf2013-08-05 19:41 45k
[TXT]Social Media Contributor Briefing.txt2013-07-23 16:31 3k
FileStreetkleen Zilch Power from dog poo 20130124.pdf2013-01-25 05:45 1352k
FileSupporting Lord Marlesford Bill.doc2012-09-24 05:52 32k
FileSupporting Lord Marlesford Bill.pdf2012-09-24 05:52 3k
FileSupporting Lord Marlesford Bill.rtf2012-09-24 05:52 16k
[TXT]Supporting Lord Marlesford Bill.txt2012-09-24 05:52 2k
FileSW Trains tidy nudge messages.pdf2016-02-14 07:25 67k
FileTweets to 20130316.xls2013-03-26 21:43 1267k
FileZilch - Bin bagged poo.pdf2015-12-30 10:16 12k
FileZilch - Guide to tackling dogfouling.pdf2016-07-06 07:32 218k
FileZilch - Guide to tackling flytipping.pdf2016-09-19 08:34 214k
FileZilch - Litter briefing notes for Michael Gove MP 20180411.pdf2018-05-13 08:02 155k
FileZilch - National Litter Strategy 2017 Objectives and timeline.pdf2018-05-30 11:56 65k
FileZilch - Shame on you.pdf2016-02-14 07:50 12k
FileZilch Bagged litter protocol proposal 20160613.pdf2016-06-17 09:35 846k
FileZilch cup tubes.pdf2012-10-14 21:00 458k
FileZILCH for SCC.pdf2020-05-29 13:51 625k
FileZilch guide to discouraging flytipping.pdf2017-02-14 20:10 324k
FileZilch in-car bins.MPG2013-07-27 13:10 14818k
FileZilch in-car bins.pdf2013-07-27 13:07 109k
FileZilch micro-bins.pdf2022-04-27 11:41 142k
FileZilch mini + micro-bins - possible issues.pdf2012-10-20 20:39 349k
FileZilch mini-bins.pdf2012-10-20 19:31 117k
FileZilch projects, programmes & initiatives.pdf2016-06-18 18:05 128k
FileZilch Secondary School Zero-Litter Challenge.pdf2016-06-18 18:08 54k
FileZilch social media editorial guidelines.pdf2017-02-05 18:39 54k
FileZilch submission to Office of Rail and Road 20150615.pdf2015-06-18 21:11 631k
FileZilch submsission to Select Committee on Litter.pdf2014-10-26 09:00 1405k
FileZilch UK - A fines for littering from vehicles strategy that works.pdf2018-01-27 10:32 217k
FileZilch UK - Eliminating fast-food littering.pdf2015-01-04 21:26 314k
FileZilch UK - Forest of Dean supplement.pdf2016-02-28 21:46 225k
FileZilch UK - Getting an accurate geolocation on Google.pdf2016-01-13 21:01 692k
FileZilch UK - Litter-sticker initiative 20130701.pdf2016-04-29 10:20 456k
FileZilch UK - Micro-bin Report by Middlesex Uni.pdf2018-09-26 13:58 754k
FileZilch UK - Public Policy Exchange Litter Symposium 20171010.pdf2017-11-29 19:21 243k
FileZilch UK - Radical proposals for a National Litter Strategy.pdf2017-01-24 07:10 129k
FileZilch UK - School attitudes to litter survey results.pdf2016-07-27 06:34 1449k
FileZilch UK - Tomlinscote attitudes to litter survey results.ppt2016-07-27 06:33 444k
FileZilch UK - Vapourcore-Journalistic cigarette litter fines 201909.pdf2019-09-06 07:26 86k
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