On-Q Solutions

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     "I wish I had time to research that market - I'm sure it represents an opportunity that shouldn't be missed."

   "We've spent all this money on technology but how can we be sure that we're making the most of it."

     "The developers are producing the goods but I haven't time to see that they're meeting our specification and not exceeding budget."

     "Richard and James are going to be away for three weeks in the Autumn, how are we going to cope without them."

     "This is a key project and we need someone who can drive it to completion."

Welcome to On-Q Solutions - skills and resource on tap.

Take advantage of  the expertise and experience derived from over 10 year's work in small and medium sized enterprises.  Available as anything from an "interim manager" to an "ad-hoc work colleague" on a wide range of assignments, I am here to help you achieve your business objectives.

Please do therefore use the contact form to get in touch so that we may discuss your requirements.

Quentin Brodie Cooper
MA(Oxon), MBA
Camberley, Surrey, UK
June 2010

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