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This form lets you tell us about yourself and decide what e-mail messages you'd like us to send you.

The form is very comprehensive but don't be daunted; most of the fields are optional but do remember, the more you can tell us about yourself the better we'll be able to meet your needs and tailor our communication efforts best effect.

Once you've pressed the submit button you'll be sent a validation e-mail containing a link that you'll have to click on to confirm your registration.  And you'll also be able to update your registration details at any time.

We're going to be sending 7 different types of e-mails:

  • Actions - calls for people to do something
  • News - just news and information
  • Tasks - a job needing to be done, asking for a volunteer or volunteers
  • Tweets - a summary of tweets for those that don't
  • Surveys - occasional questionnaires to gauge attitudes and opinions
  • Online events - details of conference calls and desktop sharing sessions
  • Dirtworld events - when we will be meeting face to face
and each will clearly indicate in the subject line which it is (you can then always filter what your receive)

Many thanks,

The team at Zilch UK

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We expect most people who register to be in the UK but everyone is welcome
We expect most people who register to be in the UK but others are also welcome. Knowing where you are in the UK will help us ensure that we are spreading our messages evenly
Please indicate here what level of involvement/commitment you expect to have with Zilch
If you could indicate how much time you might be able to give to helping Zilch that would be great
Giving your gender will help us know if we're representative of the population
/ / ( dd / mm / yyyy )
Knowing how young you are will help us know we are capturing registrations from all age groups. We promise never to reveal it to anyone!
If you have a website, let us know about it. In full please with http prefix
We probably won't ever use it but we might one day send you texts
If you have an ID and give it to us we'll follow you
If you have a Facebook page and give us the URL we'll like you. In full please with http prefix
A photograph will help us recognise and remember who you are
If you're a member of any local or national litter groups, give their names here
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